AAANNND….2022 is Over.

AAANNND….2022 is Over.

Woof. 2022 flew by way too fast! So many things to pay attention to and so many of them were good…and also not. I spent my year trudging along between work, reading, and writing…all the while spending time with my husband and 2 sons. It’s a delicate balance that I hope I achieved. 

My day job is still…there. It’s been stupid busy lately and will be for another few weeks, but in general, it’s been affected by the state of the economy and suffered. I can’t detail more, just that it’s been bumpy all over.

Reading has thankfully always been there for me. I’m a speed reader and am able to chew through 3 books a day if I have the time, so I read a metric ton of books this year. At the end of this newsletter I’ll list my top 3 with links! Sheesh, choosing is hard though!!

My writing game has been all over the shop. This year I got the huge bug up my ass to revise The Unknown Sun and give it a glow-up. It took months, but was very very successful and I’m proud of how it both looks and reads now. It was a needed change.

As for the other books in my queue to write, I’m 30% done with the sequel to The Unknown Sun and about 60% done with the fourth and final book of The Immortals Series! I’m a slow writer because I chew over every scene in my mind for days before I can get it on paper, but slow but steady is still progress.

My family is wonderful and, right now, healthy. We did end up with covid 2 weeks before Christmas, go figure. But we’re okay and that’s what matters. My sons are young adults at 17 and 21, and do try to have their own lives, but they are still my babies. We all did a few things together over the year. Movies were our usual go to, and for my son’s birthday, Disneyland one day.

I hope your new year is beautiful and bright, warm and fuzzy and good! Thank you for reading my newsletters and books, every one of you is appreciated. Please do leave reviews for authors somewhere, anywhere, as they are a great gift any time of the year!

Happy New Year!


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