The world of Skyfall will die unless Moira finds the lost immortals.

Seventeen-year-old Moira is haunted by the accidents that claimed her family. When she is attacked by a strange boy who seems to know too much about her past, Moira fears death will come for her a third time. Saved by twins Airi and Bel, she is taken to their world and safety.
Or so they thought.
Skyfall is dying, the land destroyed during a supernatural war. Those who had protected it, the lost immortals, have gone missing and the land has decayed beyond redemption unless their magic can restore it. Armed with a mysterious talisman Moira, Airi, and Bel must find a journal left by the twins' dead mother that will tell them how to find and free the Immortals known as The Unknown Sun.
Deeper, darker, secrets unravel around them when the journal reveals shocking information…because everything has a price and the price just might be Moira.
A rebellion against the Windwalker kingdom stalks them from the shadows until it threatens their quests and the boy who tried to destroy Moira appears and is determined to seek revenge.



Cheryl lives in Southern California with her husband and two sons. Her books The Unknown Sun and Shadows & Starstone, Allies & Enemies, and Exiles & Empire are young adult fantasy and available at Amazon. She has an MFA in Creative Writing and enjoys games, reading, and of course, writing.

Her favorite genres to write and read are fantasy, space opera, and science fiction. Her favorite author is JRR Tolkien.