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AAANNND….2022 is Over.

Woof. 2022 flew by way too fast! So many things to pay attention to and so many of them were good…and also not. I spent my year trudging along between work, reading, and writing…all the while spending time with my husband and 2 sons. It’s a delicate balance that I hope I achieved.  My day…
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Leveling up my Writing Game

I’ve been thinking about my writing and publishing game lately. I’ll be honest…the drama of the past 1.5 years due to Covid and politics, had sucked on my soul and drained away my will to write. For the last several months I’ve barely had the energy to write a handful of pages each sit down…
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80’s Movies vs Modern Teens (Re-blog from 2015)

*Reblogged from 2/2015 with revisions to grammar/clarity*  A few weeks ago I sat down with my two sons (ages 9 and 13) and showed them their first cheesy-but-awesome-classic 80’s fantasy movie. Their reactions were an interesting mix of the expected and unexpected, and I felt suddenly very old. I watched the movie with new eyes. Older eyes.…
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Welcome to my Blog!

Hello, my friends! I’ve had to revamp my website a few times due to constraints found after the fact and unfortunately my blog posts were a victim. That being said I am now trying to locate copies of the old blog posts to re-post, but it may take a while.