The Allies of Ein-Aral  (The Immortals Series)

I am Emaranthe
The Youngest.
A title I have carried my whole life and I have no idea why. I remember only brief, agonizing, pain. The pain of dying and becoming Immortal. The pain of the loss of everything I once had and now have no memory of.
No name. No people.
I was saved by my adopted elven brother, Gabaran, and raised among the Exiles in the north. Ten years passed before I braved the outside world, a world of darkness, death, and war. I had to find my name, my past.
Instead, in my darkest hour, my future found me. A new family to love and fear losing. Ivo, a man I love with all my heart. Jaeger, a brother to stand back to back with. Jadeth, a sister I could laugh with, love with, and fight beside.
I am Emaranthe. I am Immortal. I am going to stop The War because I am The Youngest. I am Fire.

I am Ivo
The Warrior.
The Leader.
The guilty.
It’s all my fault. My choices led my brother and me into a world we were never meant to be in. And people died for it. We died for it. Every day my heart hurts for what we lost, especially my little brother. I will never not blame myself.
Now I lead a ragtag band of Immortals, with my found family and the woman I love, on a quest for absolution of my sins. It was my fault my entire village perished at the hands of an evil mage and I will lead my new family to his doorstep and end The War.
I will not fail.
I will not forget. And if I Fall again…I will rise once more to end The War because I am the very air you breathe.

I am Jaeger
Cold and hard.
A heart of ice.
That is all I have left. It is an empty vessel that beats only because I have become an Immortal and ice flows in my veins.
Now I seek vengeance for the deaths of my wife and daughter. The deaths of my entire people.
I sought them out in vain hope…hope that they too had been immortalized by the gods, but no. They are gone and with it my heart.
Cold and hard.
That is what I must be because feeling anything is too painful. I will take down the empire of evil that destroyed those I love, and destroyed a world that even our gods could not save.
And if I die and rise again so be it. I will end The War one way or another…for them…because I am the ice that cracks beneath your feet.

I am Jadeth
I am death.
I am life.
I am a nightmare that wears a smile while I kill you.
My world ended the day my village was attacked, my innocence shattered, my hope and trust lost.
I am life.
Yet I lived on and sought revenge. I became justice and died with my hands stained red.
I was betrayed.
I was returned as an Immortal.
But I will heal you as I could not heal my people. I will trust you because I found a family to share a common goal with … and you became a part of it.
I will end The War because I was betrayed. I will trust one last time because of you.
I am the life after the death, I am a healer that gives life from the very dirt you can be buried in.

I am Gabaran
I am a puzzle.
I am an Elf, the leader of the Tevu race.
My people were decimated by my twin sister during The Fall. I was wounded but still led my people to safety within the haunted and hollow halls of Anat.
I am an Exile.
And so are my people.
I sought answers and found a god.
Light delivered a dying girl to me and begged me to save her. I could not deny her and vowed that the girl would live to fight beside The Immortals to free the world of the Evil slowly choking it.
I am Mortal.
Yet, I am not.
Together, with my adopted sister and her Immortal group, we have a chance at winning.
I need to know who I am and what I am to a god that I cannot forget. She has answers…and my heart.
I am the Hunter. And I will find her and the answers we need.
Or die trying.

I am Dehil
I am a coward.
I am invisible.
I betrayed Jadeth and our people but now I am ready to do anything to regain her trust.
I am a spy. I see everything. Hear everything. I am Immortal.
Everything that I know aids us in our fight to free our world from evil and end The War even if it takes thousands of years.
I will sacrifice myself, my lifetimes, for her, for my friends, because I am not worthy of her love. I will take the long way around, for my quest is a secret and the only way we may be able to win.
I hope to earn her trust back, however, and when you hear footsteps behind you but see nothing, I am there.

I am Light. I am Tanari
I am a god.
I am not.
My knowledge is all that stands between the past, present, and future of a world I cannot save.
I cannot do it even though my heart and soul weep.
I must travel through time and space to guide The Immortals. I must keep away from the one I love, the one I lost. He looks at me but does not see me…and every day I die for the pain of it.
I am Light. The embodiment of hope in a world my twin brother is trying to destroy.
I have given the world the only thing I can to stop the war and I will pay for it. Emaranthe… and hope.
I am the Worldwalker. I am the god who must wait and watch and hope now.
It’s in their hands, all of it.

I am the Empress. 
A Co-leader of The Unknown Sun. 
Twin sister of Gabaran and a First Fallen. 
I am immortal. I am untouchable. I am the chess piece you can’t see moving on the board. 
I am Ishelene.
My goal is to end the war and in doing so end him…

I live in the dark. 
I see nothing but past, present, and future. 
I am the last of my people…or so our enemies think. 
I am Atil, the Last Windwalker in Ein-Aral but it’s not me you should be worried about…it’s them.

I am daughter to a traitor.
Niece to a Hunter.
I am Sesti and I will come for those who hurt my family and friends. 
My heart is as cold as the frozen north of Anat. My walls are thicker. 
Few dare to touch us…but one has and I don’t know how to feel…

The Enemies of Ein-Aral  (The Immortals Series)

I have Many Names…
But none know me for who I really am.
I am unseen, invisible, yet all do see me for the false face I show…and I like it that way. All the better to feed my lies, rage, and jealousy into the lightning that illuminates my skin from within.
Lord of The Unknown Sun.
I am the invisible bump in the night. The sound of fear. The stench of rot. The taste of pain.
I will have my revenge. I will feel my twin sister’s fear and feed on it.
She will go down and with her the one being who stole everything from me… for I am the StormWarden and I will melt your very bones beneath my onslaught.

I am the Queen of The Dead Road
I am Death.
I am Darkness.
I am Alarandia.
I long to kill you if only to bring you back.
So many puppets, so little time.
I bow to none, but my loyalty is to the one who can
give me what I have wanted for thousands of years.
Peace in a final death.
To work for it I must sow discord, death, and cruelty.
It was I who raised the undead and set them free to
destroy the living all those years ago.
My little puppets, how I love you so.
I am the Necromancer and die…I dare you.

I lead his legion. 
I follow in his footsteps but long to walk beside instead of behind.
I am Garista. 
I am the sharp point of his sword and I will do everything in my power to impale you on it.

Appearances in Both Series

I am Dehil
and I’ve gone the long way around to save a child and teach him to be a man.
I failed once before but I’ve been given a second chance to do my part in saving our world. 
By saving him.

I am the TimeWinder, a shared magic with my brother, Solis.
I am Aleyo, mate to Echara, Guardian of The Unknown sun. Or, I was a Guardian. 
Thousands of years have blurred the lines of my fate, but have then given me so much more.
My sons, one lost to time, the other to vengeance, a granddaughter, lost but found, and a grandson I hope to yet find.
I am Aleyo, and I will save Skyfall for those I love.

I am the secret weapon. 
I am the silent cry. 
I am Echara, the last elf left in our world.
I see everything, past, present, future, but like my niece, Tanari, I must hold much of it close.
I am ready to see a future of peace but to get there…pain.

I am a TimeWinder, a shared magic with my brother, Aleyo.
I am Solis, mate to Myna, Guardian of The Unknown Sun. 
But that’s over now. Thousands of years later and I am the father of a reincarnated goddess and grandfather to the Windwalker heirs to the throne. 
I am Solis and I’m ready to keep fighting to save our world for my family.

I am the trickster. 
The one who you never forget is behind you with a smirk. 
I am Myna, mate to Solis, Guardian of The Unknown Sun, mother of Tanari, and grandmother to the twin heirs of Skyfall. 
I have spent the last decades imprisoned in the Void hoping against all odds
…and hope came in the form of a young woman stolen from our world by my daughter for her own safety and now I will fight to save her right back.


The Allies of Skyfall (The Destiny Series)

I am invisible. 
Don’t see me. 
I am a harbinger of death to anyone I get close to. 
A pariah with scars and pain.
But I’m done being a pushover, a doormat.
I’m done being a punching bag for fate. I own my destiny and with my two best friends I can save a world I was stolen from.
I am Moira. I am seen. 
I will free them and I will fight to the bitter end to find the immortals and my long lost brother.

I am an heir to a throne. 
A throne of ashes and decay. 
My world is one of living day to day in the face of the decline of my people, the Windwalkers.  
I am the leader of the Legion, our powerful sky militia, but I can’t lead my people to prosperity in a dying world. 
I am Belamar, twin to Airi, heir to ashes…
but those ashes will blow away and reveal a new world, a new peace…a peace brought on by Moira, a woman with more scars than years and more pain than joy. 
I will give her that joy with my undying love. Always.
I will sit on that throne with my sister to one side and Moira to the other. For together we can change the world. 

I am the whisper in the dark. 
I am Airi, the Wild and Free. 
Nothing can contain my joy at being alive, nothing can sink me into despair.
My world is one of bold truths and brash love. I am the weed that grows without sunlight, the vine with too many thorns, the lover of life and freedom. 
I live to love and I love to live, especially beside my twin, Bel, and Moira, my sister of the heart. 
We are opposites, Bel is calm and steady, I am wild and free, like the vines beneath your feet. I am loud where Moira is quiet, I am dancing in the wooded glens while she is watching.
Together we will rule a crumbling world but I will be the roots to hold it together.

I am the King of the Windwalkers. 
Of a dying race in a dying world. 
I am King Kaedon, mate to Tanari, father of Belamar and Airi.
My life has been one of love and loss, pain and joy. 
I am old now…I am nearing my final end I fear…and I feel my cruel brother circling like a carrion bird. 
He won’t have it, my throne. It will only hold my heirs, my children. 
The love of my many lifetimes is gone and my heart and soul left with her all those years ago.  
I am ready to join her once the girl returns to start a quest only she and my twins can complete. 
So I wait…

So they say. 
I remember only the screams, the blood, the rumble of thunder. 
They’d been holding my hands. Small hands, so chubby and soft, my…children? 
Oh, gods, what happened? 

The Enemies of Skyfall (The Destiny Series)

It’s her fault. 
All of it. 
My world has been reduced to stolen food and a wasteland left in the wake of a war no one saw coming. 
My brother Darim is missing. The others are stuck in a Void prison.
My cousin, it’s her fault, I know it. I saw her grab a girl child and vanish through one of her magic portals. 
I followed her because I am Lenos, the ShadowMaster, the dark you fear on a stormy night. 
I will find that child and end her after I get my answers. 
I am Lenos…and I must find my brother because I know Tanari did something…

He stole it from me.
All of it.
The crown. The Throne.
I was better suited to be the king, but father’s games played me.
I am Taegon.
I was the heir not the spare and now I’m coming for what is rightfully mine.
My followers know the truth and so shall everyone else who defies me.
I will lead my rebels to victory and be crowned king as I should have been long ago.

I am Tirin, my father’s son.
 I follow in his footsteps to reclaim our birthright.
I don’t care how or who I must kill to do it, but I will lead the rebels to victory in his name.
I am Tirin the Dark and beware…
I’m coming for you sweet cousins.