The largest continent, Ein-Aral is technically also the name of the planet. From
the frosty cold of the northern mountains and deep forests, through the deep plains of grasses and rolling fields, south to the barren desert where plateaus and sandstorms cover the skyline, this is a vast and varied continent home to Elves, Earthlanders, and the Immortals created to save them from an unseen evil that has been slowly taking over the land.


Considered the hub of mortal Earthlanders, Old Wood is the place to go if you want to lose yourself to the darkness and greed of man. Dark alleys and shady pubs dominate the large castle, but what happens within Old Wood…well, it stays there. Perched on the banks of the Great River beside the Eastern Road, in the rolling plains between the mountains to the north and the desert to the south, it is central to all other locations and the hub for trade between the other races. Enter if you dare…


Saro-Shir was to the east on the sea, far removed from the dark alleys of Old Wood and its dark underbelly. A small fishing village once, long ago, it had been decimated by the Dark Water, an unknown evil, in the decades after The Fall. No one has returned to see its fate…yet.


Stone Hold lies in the southeastern desert, hidden among the towering peaks of red rock and sandstone plateaus and canyons. Home to the quiet Earthlanders bent on minding their own business, it has a secret that could be disastrous. Too late…


Sand Lake lies due south where the Great
River empties into Sand Lake before resuming its meandering course into the desert. Hodgepodge tents and stone buildings form a ramshackle town of merchants bent on selling their wares or stealing yours. Shed-Akr, the last outpost before the grim, sand-swept Burning Desert serves as a reminder that civilization is long gone beyond, the last watchtower remaining. Sort of. If the bones the dragon wrapped around the crumbling tower don’t convince you to turn back, nothing will…


Lureg’s Camp of outlaws and assassins lies far to the south in the deadly Burning Desert. Situated on a plateau and guarded on all sides by the winding Great River, it is a desert fortress for a rogue criminal. Many last stands were made there…


Anat lies to the frozen north, a towering fortress built by the ancient Windwalker race and hidden. Half stone-half ice, it now hides the Exiles, the remaining survivors of the Tevu elves, who lost their home, Isid, during The Fall. They found a new home full of ice and destroyed dreams but…No one has breached their walls and survived…


The shattered remains of the Tevu race homeland is but an empty shell of a castle clinging to the sea cliffs in the west. Destroyed in The Fall, it was abandoned to the elements…perhaps.


Eideili is rumored to lie just west of the mortal Earthlander city, hidden in the vast, deep, dark forests at the foot of the northern mountains. The treehouse home village of the Eideili, the tree elves, has a true name that none living know. Decimated by The Fallen or The Tainted as other races called them, it has become a myth whispered about by outsiders. Or has it…


Small compared to it’s sister continent to the far west, Iad-Aleh, or SkyFall to
the native Earthlanders, is a large island created by two ancient volcanoes. Both had laid dormant, their peaks now sunken craters cradling life. It’s where the Windwalkers moved to seek refuge from The Tainted during The Fall in Ein-Aral and they have lived in relative harmony with the native Earthlanders for millenia in the southern half. To the North, where no one goes lies a strange place filled with…mystery.


The Last Windwalker Citadel lies buried deep in the north west mountains that tower over the southern caldera. The Citadel is old and dark, full of knowledge and magic lost to the ages. Here the Windwalkers dwell, overseeing a world gone dark with war that has finally crept in. The Windwalkers are few in number and in danger of dying off at last, so perhaps only the Citadel will remain to weather the eons…


The Fault is a wall of obsidian to the
north and is the border between the two halves of the island. It cuts off any access to the realm beyond, which the Windwalkers have aptly named The Dead Lands. No one knows what is there…but something is there…or someones. The High Field is the gathering place for meetings at the foot of The Fault.


A-Tlan is the Earthlander city
at the heart of the Ren-Held, the great plains of the southern island caldera. It sits beside the great Hed-Sar river that runs east to west. Deserted in the last war and left in crumbling ruins and a wasteland of muck and deady fumes, both the Ren-Held and A-tlan had no hope for recovery unless…


Mag-Uin is an abandoned military fortress built into the caldera itself to the southwest. Dark and looming, it rises over the Hed-Sar river and the Ren-Held like a watchful shadow. Rumor has it that the rebels now make their home there…


Id-Hetel lies east from A-Tlan and was the center of trade and worship for the Earthlanders. A great obsidian pyramid stood watch over the land where the river carved a tunnel through the mountain to the sea. Long abandoned like the rest of the Earthlander cities, it lies in desolation and darkness. To the far south lies the small outpost of Sal-Irim and little is known of it, not what it looks like or what remains, only that a certain portal statue was found there and it was oddly popular just before the last war…I wonder why…