Her past.

Their present.

Skyfall’s future.

All three will be lost unless Moira finds the last immortals left in the world…The Unknown Sun.

Moira and her friends must find the lost Immortals, The Unknown Sun, to repair a world on the brink of destruction. When millennia-old secrets about Moira’s past emerge on the eve of a revolution, everything she knows and trusts will unravel unless she confronts her own fears and becomes who she was meant to be.

Welcome to the world of Skyfall where love, loss, truth, lies, fate, and destiny are only a small part of the puzzle.

Their world is ruled by life and death.

Immortal Emaranthe and her team must protect a village now that their secret is known. An unknown enemy is coming for the Starstone hidden in their mines. With it, they can power portals to enable them to spread destruction across the universe.

As immortals, Emaranthe, Ivo, Jaeger, and Jadeth have the power to stop them, but something is wrong in The Unknown City. They weren’t given accurate information, again. Face to face with the Necromancer, a known enemy in the war, they face the ghosts of their pasts along with the undead and for the first time they don’t know if they will win.

What is really going on and why are Emaranthe and her found family being led into something dark and sinister?

This is just the beginning of something far bigger than they could ever imagine…

Part one of an epic, romantic, swords and sorcery fantasy for fans of K.F. Breene and D.K. Holmberg!

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A new quest leads to revelations about truths and secrets as death and life hang by a thread.

Ivo, Jaeger, Jadeth, and Emaranthe have been given a suspicious quest and to succeed they must journey to the heart of the southern badlands with little more than a ragged map. Joined by a spy seeking redemption for a betrayal and an elf seeking a god that has captured his heart, they must find something called The Crown of Gods before it’s too late. They need allies…but what if all they get are enemies?

Part two of an epic, romantic, swords and sorcery fantasy for fans of K.F. Breene and D.K. Holmberg!

The battle for the truth is just beginning in Ein-Aral…and there will be no winners.

They have the map but now they must decipher it to find The Crown of Gods. The line between ally and enemy is drawn in blood as they grow closer to a truth that is even darker and deeper than they thought. Corrupted by the Dro-Aconi in a betrayal that can destroy them, the Empire of The Unknown Sun will bring the war to the Elf Exiles in the north and Emaranthe and her immortal family may have to sacrifice everything to stop it.

Part three of an epic, romantic, swords and sorcery fantasy for fans of K.F. Breene and D.K. Holmberg!