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Shadows & Starstone


Their gods betrayed them,

turned them into warriors against their will to save their world and then vanished. Left to fend for themselves, the three races of Ein-Aral and the Immortals banded together to save the world.

Ivo, Jaeger, Jadeth, and Emaranthe must protect a desert village and its hoard of Starstone, a power source that can aid the Dro-Aconi’s plans for the dominion over Ein-Aral. Can the companions battle inner demons long enough to keep the enemy from seizing the Starstone?



Allies & Enemies


A mortal who believes in a different god.
A spy who betrayed his tribe.
Allies… or enemies?


Ivo, Jaeger, Jadeth, and Emaranthe must locate a map before the enemy does. It may lead them to the one thing that can end the war, The Crown of Gods. When they are joined by a spy seeking redemption, and a mortal seeking his destiny, the quest becomes one of life and death, love and loss, deceit and hope. Will they find the map in time? Or will they discover enemies among allies?



Exiles & Empire


When an unexpected ally brings tales of secrets, Ivo, Jaeger, Jadeth, and Emaranthe must sift through old memories within a mystical book to ferret the truth from the fiction and decipher the long sought after map.


What and where is the Crown of Gods and why do their memories and past lives matter?


Time is limited. Rodon and the Empire of The Unknown Sun march on the Citadel to claim the map that will lead him to the one thing he wants most: Revenge

The Exiles will battle with the Empire of The Unknown Sun for the map and the truth and there will be no winners.


The race to the Crown of Gods is just beginning...

The Immortals

Endings & Beginnings




Their forces are far flung, but their paths are clear. The Immortals must join together one last time to sift truth from lie, memory from myth, and past from present, to defeat the Dro-Aconi and save the world.


For now…after all, there are no endings without beginnings.


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All Moira knows is pain and grief. All she wants is to be invisible. When an attack by a mysterious stranger leads twins Airi and Belamar to her rescue, she steps into the world she was Destined to save. She is given a powerful gift and must learn to believe in herself to wield it.


Skyfall is dying, and the protectors of their world, The Immortals of The Unknown Sun, have been missing since the Last Great War. Moira, Airi, and Belamar must find a journal left by the twins' deceased mother, Tanari, to rescue them and stop a revolution that has lead their world to the brink of annihilation...yet again.



The Unknown Sun