The World of Ein-Aral


Ein-Aral is the westernmost Continent of the planet of the same name.

Their world is vast, and their technology is limited. When Starfarers fall from the sky at the dawn of a golden age between the races, little is thought of it…until it’s too late.

They brought evil with them and despite possessing technology and powerful magic, they are unable to clean up their own mess before it sweeps the continent destroying cultures and civilizations and leaving a wake of death and fear.

At a loss and feeling guilty for their people’s actions and inaction, 4 Starfarers stood up and did the one thing left.

They used their indescribable magic to convert mortals into immortal warriors and gave them magical gifts in their image.

It backfired and now the mortals battled immortals instead of the undead enemy, and darkness fell further over the land.

Whispers became hushed gossip, gossip was told instead of truths, truths became lies and The 4 became the hated gods of all their world.

The immortals, directionless and embattled on all sides, formed an empire ruled by 3 immortals of each of the 3 races…elves, man, and Windwalker. They gained a purpose, a place to become who they were meant to be.

The Unknown City.

Adept at fighting the evil unleashed into Ein-Aral and given direction by their leaders, the immortals began to turn the tide of the 15000-year-long war.

or did they…