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Destiny is a funny thing. It doesn’t care about life…or death. It only cares about events that must happen. A YA Epic Fantasy like no other

Moira, Airi, and Belamar must find the lost Immortals, The Unknown Sun, before millennia-old secrets threaten to destroy everything they ever believed of an ancient, magical, world…and themselves.

They were created by their gods to save the world from an unknown enemy. The truth is so much worse.Love. Loss. Life. Death. Fear. Hope. They are The Immortals.

Enter the world of Ein-Aral and the Immortals where swords, sorcery, love, loss, lies, and truths reign. Immortals Ivo, Jaeger, Jadeth, and Emaranthe are tasked by The Unknown Sun to protect a desert village’s secret. Can they keep the Necromancer and her horde of undead from stealing the Starstone, or will their own demons jeopardize the mission?

“If you are broken, then I am shattered. Together we are whole.”

Ein-Aral’s secrets are coming to light as death and life hang by a thread… Emaranthe and the Immortals are joined by a spy seeking redemption and an elf seeking a god who knows too much about their dark pasts and how their world fell. They must find The Crown of Gods before the enemy, but no one knows what or where it is. To succeed they will need allies…but what if all they get are enemies? Will they survive a betrayal?

The battle for the truth is just beginning in Ein-Aral…

Emaranthe and the Immortals have the map that cost them nearly everything.

Now they must decipher it to find The Crown of Gods. The line between ally and enemy is drawn as they grow closer to a truth that is even darker and deeper than they thought.
The fallen Empire of The Unknown Sun marches on the Exiles to claim the map that will lead them to the one thing the enemy wants most: Revenge.
To stop them they may have to sacrifice everything…